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Personal Growth Lab

“VRUDDHI” offers “Personal Growth Labs” (PG Lab)for 3 to 5 days. These are based on the approach of “T-Group” or “Human Process Laboratory” of experiential learning processes,  anchored in the “Applied Behavioral Science”. The methodology originated from “National Training Laboratories (NTL), USA”. The laboratory method of learning is pioneered in India by the professional body, “Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Science” (ISABS). The qualified professional members of ISABS design and facilitate the ‘Human Process Labs’.

In this method, the learning is envisaged by the learners working in small groups, generating data through the behavior of sharing their impacts, feelings and thoughts, mostly in the ‘here and now’. The members learn about themselves in terms of their behavior and about others. The process of communication, disclosure and feedback in secured climate facilitates learning through concrete experience.

The Personal Growth Labs are similar to “Human Process Laboratories” anchored in the self-directed learning of internal human processes, interpersonal relations and group dynamics (Leadership & Group Development).

V.M.Ramalingam (Ram) is a Professional Member and formerly National Secretary and Dean in-charge of Professional Development of Indian Society for Applied Behavioral science (ISABS). He is a qualified behavioral scientist and a facilitator of Human Process Laboratories (T-Groups), trained for HRD Facilitation, O.D. interventions, and Assessment (Development) Centre in organisations.