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Dr Tom Flaut

Dear friend,

The Flyer of the program on “Enneagram Associate” with essential details is enclosed. The program leads to the participants qualifying for certificate by “Enneagram Society of India (Regd)” as an “Enneagram Associate” and acquiring Associate Membership of the Professional society. The program fees include all these conclusively.

The Enneagram, a nine-pointed star in a circle, is an ancient cosmic symbol. The source for the Enneagram was the Sufis and the legendary Sarmoun(g) Brotherhood, which flourished in Babylon around 2500 years B.C. The Enneagram is reminiscent of the “Mandala”, as it is presented in Tibetan Budhism and ancient Indian spirituality. A “mandala” represents a map of the inner worlds of the human being and, at the same time, the cosmos.

The nine points of the geometric symbol of enneagram are elicited through instruments to clarify the nine categories of personality types. The nine Enneagram points reveal the nine basic personality types of human nature and their complex inter-relationships.

· The program will be facilitated on the Zoom Platform from the 9th to 13th July ’21 at 6-30 p.m to 9-00 p.m.

· The recording of the program will be available on the platform at any time until the end of one week from the close of the program.

· On registration, we will send by Speed-post, a hard copy of the reading materials comprising Enneagram Questionnaire with key and interpretation of Enneagram Personality profiles.

You can acquire a tool and method of identifying your personality profile and learn to help people to understand their personality profiles. It is an excellent resource for life-coaching and developing HRD interventions including development centres. It is a greenfield globally and we are developing the institution with the help of internationally trained, certified and well developed professionals. Please call me in case of any clarifications.

Along with registration just by email with proof of payment of fees (Rs.9500, all inclusive), Phone number and full postal address has to be sent.

With best wishes for professional excellence,


V.M.Ramalingam (Ram)

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The enneagram has been developed as a way of understanding people’s personality types. The outcome is available to the world to understand the personality of people through identification of an individual as one of the nine types. The nine points of the geometric symbol of enneagram are elicited to clarify the nine categories of personality types.

The increased clarity of “enneagram” will allow coaches, social workers, HR managers, consultants, teachers, students, leaders and common man alike, to use it as they unlock the secrets of self-understanding and self-development.

V M Ramalingam (Ram), who is the facilitator of this program,was trained in Enneagram by Dr. Tom Flaut in the International convention of Association of Psychological Type, in Minneapolis, USA (2001). He is a member of International Enneagram Association (8565). Ram is a Professional Member Indian Society for Applied Behavioral science (ISABS). He is trained for HRD Facilitation, O.D. interventions, and Assessment (Development) Centre.