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Organisational Effectiveness Program was conducted at Indian Oil Corporation, Mumbai, in their Learning and Development Department for five days from 12 January 2020 to 17 January 2020.

This is the 52nd program conducted by Indian Oil Corporation every year for the top performers in the middle management cadre of the company. This is an effort for enhancing the organisational effectiveness and development. The program is designed along with the Consultant as a significant intervention for leadership development.

Indian Oil Senior Executives Organization Effectiveness Interve

Learning and Development Department of Indian Oil Corporation avail professional services of Mr. VM Ramalingam for the second time. The design of the program comprised Lab Modules and experiential learning processes.

It also included MBTI, FIRO – B, NLP, AI and TA based interventions appropriately for interpersonal and team playing effectiveness. The focus of the program was self-awareness, role clarification and leadership development.